Horoscope for Gemini

Taking care of business! That’s your M.O. during this serious-minded year, which will shine a spotlight on your health, habits and work processes. If you’re a DIY Gemini multitasker, this year will teach you how to delegate to a capable crew. Asking for help is the hardest part; once you see your life running like a well-oiled machine, you’ll wonder what took you so long. Relationships could get super-serious and take you into new levels of trust and togetherness—provided you don’t go running for the hills. You may need to breathe through a few “What have I gotten myself into?” moments, but the Zen transformation will come by sticking out these emotional peaks and valleys. Take those complex feelings to the gym, the yoga mat, the meditation altar, the spiritual healer…you can do it, Gemini! Writing could also be a huge catharsis for any thorny issues you’re attempting to untangle. By the end of the year, a golden era for partnerships will begin. Bring on the dynam…


Horoscope for Libra

Hello, Libra on fire! This year, both your self-worth AND your net worth are on the upswing (and TBH, they’re kind of interconnected). After all, when you truly value yourself, it’s hard to accept less than what you deserve. This boost will begin with your paycheck, but by the second half of the year, it will have a ripple effect through all your relationships. Exploring sex, sensuality and spirituality could become new fascinations for some Libras, as you fearlessly own your desires, from the sacred to the profane. Midyear, you could rise to powerful new career heights. Home and family could bring a few growing pains, though. You might decide to downsize or get serious about putting down roots and perhaps becoming a homeowner. If you’re still hanging onto childhood baggage, especially “mama drama,” it’s time to do the work to let that go.

Horoscope for Aquarius

Every single major part of your life is going through a change this year, so buckle up and enjoy the ride…


Horoscope for Capricorn

Get ready to rebuild! As your ruling planet, structured Saturn, arrives in Capricorn for the first time since 1991, it’s time to fortify your foundation from the ground up. Outmoded parts of your life and identity will fall away over the next three years, making way for a new and mature Capricorn 2.0 to emerge. This is a time to take inventory: Where in your life are you out of alignment with your values and truth? You might change anything from your appearance to your diet to your friendships this year. Luckily, you’ll be attracting some wise and pioneering new people into your orbit—wayshowers who can introduce you to a new way of seeing life. In the second half of the year, new romantic and creative synergies could spark up, and a July eclipse can bring an out-of-the-blue partnership opportunity, either romantic or professional. Your relationship to money, investing, sex and intimacy will all get a makeover in 2018, too. Capricorn, you’re changing from the in…


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Aries Yearly Horoscope 2018
If you are ready to accept new challenges and invest sustained efforts, you are sure to win the game this year. All in all, as per the Aries Horoscope 2018, the second half of the year looks to be more favorable than the first half.

2018 Aries Horoscope in a nutshell
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