Horoscope for Libra

Hello, Libra on fire! This year, both your self-worth AND your net worth are on the upswing (and TBH, they’re kind of interconnected). After all, when you truly value yourself, it’s hard to accept less than what you deserve. This boost will begin with your paycheck, but by the second half of the year, it will have a ripple effect through all your relationships. Exploring sex, sensuality and spirituality could become new fascinations for some Libras, as you fearlessly own your desires, from the sacred to the profane. Midyear, you could rise to powerful new career heights. Home and family could bring a few growing pains, though. You might decide to downsize or get serious about putting down roots and perhaps becoming a homeowner. If you’re still hanging onto childhood baggage, especially “mama drama,” it’s time to do the work to let that go.

Horoscope for Aquarius

Every single major part of your life is going through a change this year, so buckle up and enjoy the ride. With expansive Jupiter in your career house until November, your ambitions could take you to far-flung places, perhaps even a new city or an executive suite. This is one of your luckiest career years in over a decade, and with two eclipses in your sign, you could emerge as a surprisingly outspoken and trailblazing figure in your field. Your closest relationships will also undergo some shifts, as the people in your universe adapt to Aquarius 2.0. From May onward, you could get a sudden opportunity to move, buy or sell a home, or expand your family. While part of you is ready to put down roots and settle into a professional groove, fluctuating circumstances could challenge your efforts. For example, you might need to travel for business or work long hours, which will demand extra efforts to juggle your obligations to relatives, romantic partners and your own passion projects.


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